Hyper Fragility
What Happened In Shanghai - RAW!Land - China Shanghai International Arts Festival
 Sold out critically acclaimed season at Malthouse Tower Theatre for Dance Massive 2015.  Toured to China Shanghai International Arts Festival RAW!Land October 2015.  Toured to Bendigo Confucius Institute December 2015.     Choreographed & Performed by Victoria Chiu in collaboration with Kristina Chan  Performed in Shanghai with Hsin Ju Chiu  Composed and Performed - Mindy Meng Wang  Electronic Music - Ma Haiping  Lighting Designer - Bosco Shaw  Lighting Realisation - Adam Hardy  Paper Artist - Benja Harney  Costume Design - Harriet Oxley  Assistant Director - Roland Cox  Writer - Lian Low  Dramaturge - Jana Perkovic & Felix Ching Ching Ho     DO YOU SPEAK CHINESE?   Artfully exploring the connection between physicality, language and race, the performance   plays with the many ways our bodies speak for us and combines the body’s translation of foreign   semiotics, sights and sounds to create a poetic, moving, sculptural, drea  mscape of what it’s like for the body and mind to be   on a journey and discovery of dual identities.     I am an Australian artist based in Melbourne and my father was a Chinese immigrant to Australia in 1965. I am proud of my Chinese heritage. However, I do not speak a Chinese language and the closest thing I have to a Chinese cultural ritual is the odd Chine  se dinner in Melbourne’s Chinat  own. Nonetheless, people often see me as Chinese. Growing up in Australia with Chinese ancestry I have felt the challenge of not being able to adequately articulate the complexities of my heritage. The historical disconnections to my cultural identity have led me on a creative, artistic journey to discover my Chinese roots through the contemporary moving body.       SUPPORTED BY   Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Melbourne Festival, China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Malthouse Theatre, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Confucius Institute, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Dance Massive and Playking Foundation Asian Performing Arts Travel Grant.
  Floored  is a movement journey for two dancers, structured as a psychological study in three sections. Each section has its own choreographic language which, when in succession, define an evolution/unfolding of the theme.  We can become dependent on things that pleasure or comfort us. They are products, substances or services that we appear to have need of to make our lives more comfortable; they differ for each person. In our daily lives society, media, family, friends, teachers and strangers lead us to comforts that can influence and dominate us.  Choreographed and performed by Victoria Chiu in collaboration with Amelia McQueen  Original Score by Roland Cox     Lighting Design by Ben Shaw  Costume Design by Harriet Oxley       Rehearsal Director: Linda Sastradipradja  Set construction Jim Stenson  Choir: Andy Jones, Sam Sequeira, Siobhan O’Rourke,Annisa Liang, Alice Cotton, Jill Farrar, Matt Rodd,Echo Huang, Carol Dixon, Tom Williams and Roland Cox  Produced by Dancehouse  Supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria and Dancehouse Housemate     A Movement Artist's Response to Floored By Vivienne Rogis The performance of Floored by Victoria Chiu in collaboration with Amelia McQueen was an incredibly satisfying experience. Here is a show in which intelligent bodies make clear statements about complex phenomena through movement. There is no need for words, for excess explanation. Clearly articulated movement with set, costumes, music and lighting that make a strong visual & aural statement in their minimalism and functionality, draw the focus towards the bodies in the space. Throughout the performance Victoria and Amelia meticulously build a movement language that communicates from body to body. It sets the mind alive as your body recognises contexts and sensations and the clarity of the performance leaves space for this individual reflection. Within the movement there is time for questions, time for personal reflection, as you witness something that is strangely familiar yet entirely foreign. Floored begins with comfortable comforting movement fluid, gentle, we see two women. A rhythm is built up between them. We become comfortable with their relationship. Infinitesimally the movement changes over time, almost so you don`t notice, until you remember where they have come from. Where they began. The contrast seems impossible. Human & organic to inhuman and rigid, stuck in pattern of arbitrary importance. And then without warning the entire paradigm shifts. Without fanfare, with a small shift in movement a gaping hole in world of the dance is created. And we are left wondering… How does one move forward from this? How do we begin to re-form in society? How will this duet re-create their world? Is this exciting or very, very frightening? Floored is an intelligent exploration of habit and the habitual. An expertly crafted movement essay that seamlessly flows from one idea to the next through the obviously intelligent bodies of Amelia McQueen And Victoria Chiu. It is a testament to the strength and clarity of Victoria`s artistic vision and the abilities of the individual artists in the creative team that set, music, costume and lighting have all produced equally meticulous and intelligent responses which play a vital role in the whole without overpowering each other.   
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